An underwater video equipment is a very specific material. There are very different kinds of equipments, of all ranges and prices. Apart of the quality of the camera, knowing how to manipulate your equipment underwater is an added value.

In this case, my equipment consists of a Canon Legria HF G30 camera and a Sealux waterproof housing with an integrated screen. Apart from that screen, we have added a Full HD external one situated on top of the camera. This equipment is easily transformed to 4K.

While underwater, I am accompanied at all times by two powerful lights capable of illuminating the scenes perfectly. There is a third “snoot” light for those scenes that need to capture little details. Additionally, I wear two fronts, one for the  wide angle scenes, and another one for macro scenes.
I’ve recently added a 12x macro lens to the equipment, which together with a tripod are the optimal complement for even more precise, stable and impressive macro shots.

All the housing controls (except the focus) are electronic, which facilitates the control of the several image parameters without even having to move your hands.