Ghost Diving is a non-governmental organization who extract lost fishing nets from the sea. We collaborated with them on different projects as you will see here. This one is published in three different languages.

We produced this documentary film for Jardins de Terramar Festival along with United Nature Agency and Estrella Damm, and Ghost Diving collaboration.

Video made for FECDAS for the advertising campaign broadcasted on 8tv. This video was recorded and edited with Victor Sánchez.

Tuna Tour Experience is an experience that  Balfegó Group offers. We collaborated with them doing this video that shows the complete experience.

Per què volen els avions?” is a program of TV3 produced by La Kaseta in which I collaborated on its chapter about plastics contributing with my images shots with Ghost Diving.

My first project as an underwater camera operator was the documentary film presented as a dissertation project. This was a first contact with underwater video world. To make it, I used a domestic equipment formed by GoPro.

One of the most enjoying projects that I did, not for his audiovisual quality, was for being a funny experience filming and diving next to one of the greatest Spanish artist, David Bisbal.

Although it wasn’t my first own project, it was my first professional contact with underwater video world. In this case I wasn’t an operator, but I was an assistant and camera helper of Álex del Olmo, my referent in this world.

This video illustrates a very beautiful experience filming a special engagement between Sergi and Eva under the water in Palamós.

This video was produced during Covid-19 quarantine using library images for FECDAS (Underwater Activities Catalan Federation ).

One of my first videos with my first professional equipment, was this short movie about Boreas wreck. All images were filmed in just one dive. The video is completed with invaluable voice of Joel Valverde.

With MedDive and the new project of Bussejaen.Cat, we made this promotional video. Youtuber Mayster Guty sponsored that project.

Just one dive in old fish farm of Arenys de Mar was enough to get lots of images of their wildlife and conditions. Ràdio Arenys was in charge to edit a summary of what I filmed.

One of my professional projects. Although it never saw the light, it was a short movie that showed a story of a young trans. It was filmed with director’s camera. Noah, was directed by David Lleixà and Sara Venque.

Pictures filmed for Tonta documentary, directed by Jordi Fradera. Documentary that in short time will see the light and I am going to be able to show this trailer.

Lo Que Calla Mi Sangre (What my blood doesn’t say) is a project directed by Clara Ràfols close to come out. Plans that you can see were my small contribution of this wonderful project.

Markus D is an artist that makes painting in extreme conditions. His speciality is underwater painting. We went with him to record his Guiness World Record attempt about make the biggest underwater painting.

Invest in Mataró is a serie of videos that were made to promote the city of Mataró as a place to live, spend the summer or invest. I collaborated on one of the videos with some of my first takes with GoPro.

One of my first collaborations was in IronMan 70.3 Barcelona 2015 film report produced for TVE and EuroSport. Still using my GoPro equipment, I could be part of professional tv production doing some underwater pictures of starting race.